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Little (2022) Nollywood

By |Sunday, 14 July 2024, 10:45 AM
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Two sisters, raised by a middle-class father, were great academics. They were accepted to the best school in town, but they lost focus due to peer pressure. They were surrounded by students who were more affluent and had more resources. They started to feel like they didn’t measure up, and they began to doubt their abilities. They started to cut class and hang out with the wrong crowd.

Their grades started to suffer, and they were at risk of flunking out. Their father was disappointed, but he was also understanding. He talked to them about the importance of education, and he helped them to get back on track. They eventually graduated from high school with honors, and they went on to college.

They are now successful professionals, and they are grateful to their father for helping them to overcome peer pressure and achieve their dreams

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